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Notice of Hearing to Amend Lake Level Order - Gulliver Lake

A petition dated May 30, 2024, was filed with the Schoolcraft County Circuit Court to amend the lake level order for Gulliver Lake to ensure the normal levels in the court order match the levels that have been historically maintained on the lake, update to the most recent survey datum, allow for temporary lake level variations, and confirm the boundaries of a special assessment district. The Schoolcraft County Circuit Court will review the petition on July 11, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. at Schoolcraft County Courthouse (300 Walnut Street Manistiuqe, MI 49854) to receive evidence to amend the lake level order for Gulliver Lake, located in Doyle Township, Schoolcraft County, Michigan, consistent with the provisions of MCL 324.30707.

To read the entire notice, download the PDF below.

2024.07.11 Gulliver Lake Hearing Notice
Download PDF • 223KB

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